Hello motivated agent!  Looks like you might want to start advertising our area to make some referral commissions.  It's super easy, all we need is a name and a number, and you get paid when they buy or sell.  We can even help you advertise for more leads.
A great low-cost way to start advertising our area is via social media or email to your existing database.  And because our area is so picturesque, even costly traditional mail-out material seems to work.  The key is getting the word out to your sphere of influence.
Below are the links to the main Social Media sites.  As an agent chances are you have already placed Social Media ads and if you haven't, you should probably start. We can walk you through it if you want? Just set up a time with our referral manager.
To get you started, below are two links.  One contains images you may freely use in your advertising.  If you wish to advertise specific properties, the other link contains our company listings.  In your ads, simply ask interested parties to message you directly.  Then pass the information along to our referral manager and if they end up buying or selling, you get paid 25% referral commission from closing.  Easy Right? Now just rinse and repeat.
If you want to dive a little deeper, we can also set you up with your own landing page to capture leads.  For your own landing page to use with your ads, contact our referral manager and we'll put your page together and show you how to use it.  CLICK HERE for an example landing page.  Yes, we take this very seriously and want to see you make Money On The Beach!

Linkedin Post

Advertise to your linkedin followers. We find this site to be a constant top source for leads.

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Facebook Post

Simply the best platform available to target and retarget your leads.  We recommend you advertise to your Pixel Group.

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Instagram Post

Our beautiful area is captured really well on Instagram pictures.  You can even post from your computer. Click to learn how.

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Twitter Post

Best practices for Twitter: Short post daily with proper Hashtags.  We recommend a landing page or other method to collect lead data.

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Whether you're new to the business or have been in it for years, we can help each other make money on the beach.  This is a real opportunity provided by a team of highly motivated and experienced agents.  If you are serious about making extra money, we are serious about helping you!
We're here for you every step of the way.  And by the way, if you still need to sign up as a referral agent,  CLICK HERE.  For any questions or additional assistance with your referral business, please call our referral manager.
Elliot Marcus
Referral Network Manager
(850) 543-2190
Luis Perez
ISA Manager
Lars Rygaard
Team Leader