How Many Words are your Pictures Worth?

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a whole album worth? Many would say, “Priceless!” We invest so much into the type of camera we use, developing pictures, and back up hard drives to store our pictures. Yet how often do we get to enjoy them? There is something to be said about sitting on the couch next to someone fondly looking at an album. It is not the same feeling you get looking at the computer screen.

Most people enjoy taking pictures. They enjoy looking at them. What they don’t enjoy is worrying about them. Feeling guilty that they aren’t doing something for with them.. For many the fear of starting keeps paralyzed to do anything. Many also imagine that it is tremendously hard to showcase their photos. We don’t’ take pictures, thinking to ourselves, ” Oh, I can’t wait to take this picture home and through it in a drawer.” We take them because we not only want to capture the moment, but share it as well, visit website .

There are so many options to showcase our pictures. There are also many styles of scrapbooking. There is no wrong or right way. Now with Digital Scrapbooking, we can achieve wonderfully creative results with the movement of the mouse. No clean up. Just endless possibilities on how to enjoy our memories.