Decision Mindset

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We study for months and years to acquire the foundational knowledge that allows us to determine the viability of our latest deal. We work for months and years to put ourselves in a position to be presented with “the deal” and in that moment, the difference in a profit or loss can come down to making a clear decision. A little luck never hurts either.

These particular thoughts move past the point where preparedness meets opportunity and focuses on the ways to minimize the need for luck while maximizing our own abilities to achieve clear focus. Guided by the Japanese concept of kaizen (I’ll let you Google that one) here is some information to help you sharpen your number one tool, your mind.

Technology has allowed for the rapid dissemination of thoughts and theories. It has never been easier to tap into concepts formerly so obscure they were available to only a select few.  Today we can instantly tap into the minds of some of the greatest thinkers and performers of our time. The information I am sharing in this post is information I have run across and practice daily to keep my decision making skills sharp. I use it as a force multiplier for the times when opportunity meet preparation, visit website to know more and find more opportunity.

In my early career I functioned with the belief that “I’ll get plenty of sleep when I’m dead.” While in that moment of my business life I saw sleep as deterrent from success, I now believe the exact opposite. Sleep, good deep sleep is essential for the brain as it basically allows the brain to reset. If you’re a tech geek like me, think of it as defragging you hard drive or in this case your mind. The following is a link to a new study based on a computer module of the brain which explains the benefits of sensory disconnection during sleep. Check out this article called How the Brain Consolidates Memory During Deep Sleep.


During our waking hours it might be said that if we don’t use it, we lose it. The brain seems similar to other muscles in that exercise can make it stronger. When we lift weights we tear down our muscles and when they heal they become bigger and stronger. Find remodeling companies When working out our brain muscle we forge neurological pathways and connections which allow us to access and use more of our brain. If you think video games and caffeine are bad for you, research may suggest otherwise, at least from a neurological standpoint.  Take a peek at this interesting article from inc magazine called 7 Scientific Ways to Become Smarter.

So read up on these ideas an help yourself be prepared to make high level decisions when your commercial real estate preparation meets investment opportunity. At Offmarq we take decision making very seriously.  If you have off market property for sale or if you are looking for off market commercial real estate, let’s talk. We buy sell and consult for off market retail, office and industrial commercial properties. Join our team and together we can accomplish your investment goals.

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