Traditionally, selling a home is expensive, complex and opaque.  Powered by technology and designed to be fair, our transparent listing programs put you in charge of your sale.

We offer the right commission plan for sellers, ultimate flexibility in listing terms and one of the largest matchmaking databases of buyers in our area. Our listing programs have been thoughtfully designed so our sellers can make more money in their home sale.

We offer three unique listing programs that put you in charge of your sale. No matter which program you choose, our easy opt-out option allows you to cancel at any time. We are serious about safegaurding our seller's time and money!

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Sell your home for maximum profit!

The selling process has changed over the last few years and it changed with the multiple listing services populating properties to the internet for buyers to see. The latest polls indicate that 95% + of buyers search online and that the remaining buyers are being sent listings via email by their agent.

Buyers now see every angle of the home, information about the home, schools, tax information, flood zones and much more. The need to call the listing agent for information has been eliminated. The need to go from office to office or calling agents asking what they have available is gone. Real estate is no longer the "local agent" sells the properties. All of this is done by the all encompassing information source we call the internet.

Sellers no longer advertise in 3 lines of print with the newspaper because buyers expect to see more about the home than text - they expect pictures. Unfortunately, many buyers make the wrong decisions about what to pursue because the information and pictures simply don't do the home justice.

Our propriatary selling process leaves nothing to chance.  Our team of dedicated agents are skilled at harnessing technology to give you the edge over competing listings. 

  • Maximum Visibility: We publish your listing to one or more MLS, Zillow, Redfin, and many more.

    Skilled Photography: Beautiful photos of your home will attract buyers. Our team members are highly trianed in this area.

  • Transparency:   We coordinate a home inspection and title report before listing so there are no surprises later.

    Technology:   Our online platform makes home sales simple to navigate attracting more prospective home buyers.

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