Silvertooth Opens New Gym to Employees

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Managing a gym is tough work. The last thing you want to do besides paying bills and buying equipment, is going out to actively find new members. Here are some super simple tips that will make your life much easier and help you get more gym members:

1. Develop a Sense of Community Among Current Members

The easiest way to get new gym members is to have your current members refer them to you. In order to gain these referrals, you need to have a gym that people are happy to recommend. By developing a strong sense of community among current members, they are more likely to tell their friends about how great your facility is and that they should join too. Here are three simple ways to build community:

Have a monthly happy-hour party
Hold play-date sessions for parents with children
Schedule viewing parties for sporting events
2. Offer Discounted Membership to Local Groups

The thought of giving discounted memberships might not be appealing, but making more money definitely sounds great. Would you rather give 10 people a discounted membership or would you rather that none of them become members in the first place? When you look at it that way, the answer is simple.

Propose the idea of discounted memberships to local companies that encourage healthy employees, as well as at your nearby college campus. Visit College students are generally quite low on disposable income, but if you offer them a great discount, it will be hard for them to pass it up. Once they finish school, you might be able to convert them into full-price paying members as well.

3. Maintain an Extremely Clean Facility

The last place anyone wants to spend their valuable free time is in an unclean workout facility. Unsanitary restrooms and cardio machines that are not cleaned after each use are surefire ways to scare away potential members. Create an environment of personal responsibility so that each member cleans up after themselves. Having clean facilities will make current members more comfortable as well as impress potential members when they tour your facility.

4. Have a Weekly Open Gym Session

A final way to get more gym members is to have a once-weekly open gym session and find more session videos here in Publicize this in your local newspaper and welcome weekly participants with open arms. Though a good portion of these people might not become paying members, there are a select few that will enjoy their weekly workout experience enough that they will choose to become paying members.