This market is HOT, and now maybe the very best time to sell.  To help you decide, we offer our customers cutting-edge technology to find the very best time to sell.
Did you know, around 80% of sellers mistime the market?  Wouldnt it be easier if you had a dashboard to your property's equity, kind of like a stock market graph? Now you can, it's easy and free to get your "Equity Tracker" started.  Just enter your address below and follow the prompts.

Property Value Estimate
Receive monthly email updates accessible by computer or phone.  Personalize your tracker for personalized home financial data and graphs. Track home value and equity at a glance.
Equity Estimator
Put your hard-earned equity to work.  With your equity estimator, you can explore multiple options including debt payoff, home improvements and equity cash out. It's your equity, use it to your advantage.

Rental Estimator
You would be surprised how many homes may work as a vacation rental. If you are thinking about vacation renting your home, now or in the future, you'll want this valuable too for sure.
Payment Tracker
Enter your updated mortgage information and get real-time statistics about your mortgage and property. Find out how regular and intermittent pre-payments will shorten your loan term.

Buyer Affordability Calculator
Discover your buying power in today's competitive market. Browse zip codes based on your specific price point and specific home needs. Time your purchase perfectly with a seller vs buyer market score.